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Redtail's Jazzy - 
FDSB # 1646975
1st Pick Female Reservation - Jim R. CT
2nd Pick Female Reservation - Available
3rd Pick Female Reservation - Available
Adonis- Available
Apollo- Available
Atlas- Available
Redtail's Llewellins
We have a lovely litter of Llewellin Setter puppies,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           , all tri-colored,  whelped on August 30, 2014. Puppies will be ready for their new homes October 25th.

We are "on the hunt" for exceptional puppy homes and accepting deposits now.

Pups are $1000 and include a  100% satisfaction guarantee.

A $200 deposit will hold your pup.  All deposits are non-refundable.

Choice of puppy will be reserved by the order of your deposit, in other words, if you are the first to make a deposit, you get first choice and so on.  The parents are FDSB registered and the litter will be FDSB registered.  That means your pup will be eligible for registration in the FDSB database with all rights.

Puppy Deposit Contract - Just print this page, sign and mail with check or postal money order or 
email a signed copy along with your payment via Paypal.

Briana (or Kenneth) Powchak—Deposit Policy

Deposits are non-refundable, and a puppy will not be held until the payment is received. A receipt will be mailed to purchaser. You must sign and return a deposit contract before a puppy will be held.  We do not refund deposits because we stop advertising puppies once they are reserved, and older puppies can be harder top place.  

When your puppy is ready to go home, you will be notified and asked to set up a time to pick up your puppy within five days. If you have extenuating circumstances (vacation, illness etc.) and need to extend this date time, please notify breeder as soon as possible. The remaining balance is due at the time of puppy pick-up.

It is our goal that each puppy makes an easy transition from our family to yours.

Briana (or Kenneth) Powchak
32 Brooklyn Tpke.
Windham, CT 06280

Deposit contract

Please sign and return this by mail with your deposit. Your puppy will be reserved for you once this is received.

  I understand that the deposit made to Briana (or Kenneth) Powchak, breeder, to reserve a puppy may be non-refundable. If I choose not to complete the purchase after making a deposit, no matter what the circumstances, my deposit will not be refunded. The deposit may, at the breeder's discretion, be held and applied toward another puppy for a period of up to one year. If a check is returned for insufficient funds, the contract is cancelled and will only be reinstated once the deposit and any bank fees have been paid in full by way of cash or postal money order. Checks will be made out to Briana (or Kenneth) Powchak.

REFUND EXCEPTIONS: If the puppy should become ill while in our care, we will be responsible for any and all vet care which is incurred until the pick up date. If the puppy should die or develop a debilitating condition or be diagnosed with a congenital condition that will affect the long term "quality of life" of the dog, while in the breeder’s care, the deposit will be refunded.

I understand that it is at the breeder’s sole discretion to determine when my puppy is ready and available to be picked up or shipped.

Purchaser’s signature: _____________________________________

Date: _____________________________

Please provide the following information:





Zip Code:

Primary phone:
Email address:

Amount paid:  $_____                     

Puppy gender preference (circle one):             MALE                           FEMALE

Females pictured from left to right: .
​Athena, Atlanta, and Artemis

Males pictured from left to right:  
Adonis, Apollo, and Atlas
The Boys
The Girls
Watch out babies grow!
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