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Delicious natural meat, from our family to yours. 

Redtail's Jazzy - 
FDSB # 1646975

.  The parents are FDSB registered and the litter will be FDSB registered.  That means you will receive an application which can be mailed in for registration in the FDSB database with all rights.  At this time, three males are available and you may choose based on the name of the pup.  

Pups were vaccinated  and dewormed Saturday September 27th and 
were dewormed again October 11th and October 24th.

Redtail's Llewellins - English Setters of Distinction
We have a lovely litter of Llewellin Setter puppies, all tri-colored, whelped on August 30, 2014. We have 1 male available.

A bit about our dogs...our bitch is about 35 pounds and the boy we used on her is roughly 45.  That means a nice compact, but talented, hunting companion.  We went out this past week, and followed up behind (within 3 minutes or so) a big GSP twice Jazzy size.  He missed the bird and she found it, a beautful cock pheasant.  IMHO, with bird dogs, size doesn't matter as much as finding birds.  Also, our dogs work "close" so you can actually watch them hunt.  It's a sight to behold.

Pups include a  100% satisfaction guarantee.  We are also available for training tips as needed.  Besides teaching basic manners, which you would do for any dog, these pups should be push button hunters...full of instinct.

​Adonis - male
Apollo - male
Atlas - male
Watch our babies grow!
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New video added 11/11!
We are planning to do a "repeat breeding", since we got such lovely pups this time around.  Pups would be ready sometime the end of April or beginning of May.  We will accept 4 fully refundable deposits (refundable if we do not have a pup for you).  Once we have reached our "max" on deposits, we will delete the deposit button.