Redtail Farm
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Our dogs are FDSB registered and DNA certified Llewellin Setters.  That means your pup will be eligible for registration in the FDSB database with all rights.  They will make wonderful house dogs and close, foot hunters. 
Redtail's Jazzy - 
FDSB # 1646975
Redtail's Llewellins - English Setters of Distinction
We have puppies due in the next couple weeks.  We are taking reservations now.  We also have one of or girl's pups who is hunting this season...his first...putting up plenty of birds.  Awesome!

Our pups include a  100% satisfaction guarantee.  We are also available for training tips as needed.  Besides teaching basic manners, which you would do for any dog, these pups should be push button hunters...full of instinct.

 Puppies are $900 and a $150 will reserve your pup.  Be ready for next season!
Stud Dog - Available